01. Her father thought that women who were strong and confident were not really [feminine].
02. The traditional [feminine] role is that of a housewife and mother.
03. Our apartment has a very [feminine] look with its soft colors, and pictures of flowers.
04. Why do people say that strength is masculine, and tenderness is [feminine]? I don't think one should describe those qualities in that way.
05. Do you think a woman loses her [femininity] if she does work traditionally done by men?
06. The cause of [feminism] has greatly improved the lives of women in our society.
07. My great-grandmother was a member of a [feminist] organization which worked to get women the right to vote in this country.
08. Caring for children is generally considered to be a [feminine] attribute.
09. Contrary to the traditional stereotype, not all gay men speak with an [effeminate] voice.
10. Personally, I don't find female body-builders to be very attractive simply because they don't seem [feminine] to me.
11. Many people dislike media images of women because they feel that they often show an unrealistic model of [feminine] perfection.
12. Corita Kent once suggested that women's liberation is the liberation of the [feminine] in the man, and the masculine in the woman.
13. In 1500 B.C. in Egypt, a shaved head was considered the ultimate in [feminine] beauty.
14. In ancient Greece and Rome, the umbrella was regarded as [effeminate], with the result that men rarely used one.
15. In Italy, some people find it [unfeminine] for a woman to pour wine.
16. Julie Burchill once said that a good part, and definitely the most fun part of being a [feminist] is about frightening men.
17. A French proverb claims that words are [feminine], deeds masculine.
18. [Feminism] is about challenging the division of labor in the world that puts men in charge of the public spheres - work, government, etc. - while women carry the entire burden of raising a family without being paid for their efforts.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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